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Differentiating yourself in a crowded field like leadership coaching can be a challenge. Alan Samuel Cohen, a results-driven executive leadership coach in New York City, came to us after deciding that he wanted to expand the scope of his already-flourishing coaching practice to include speaking engagements, workshops, and writing. As a former PR executive, he knew that he would need a modern, vibrant brand identity if he was going to make the leap.

We worked with Alan and our strategic partner Grossman Consulting to distill his messaging down to two core tenets: transforming professional relationships with emotional intelligence and the power of connection. Grounded by these cornerstone philosophies, we crafted a singular new visual identity for Alan that quickly started turning heads.


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Since launching his new brand, Alan has gone on to book a TEDx Talk, secure dozens of media placements, acquire new C-Suite coaching clients at Fortune 500 companies, and build a consistently wait-listed workshop program.

As a small business owner, the decision to hire a digital agency is a big one! My choice to hire Delphi was one of the best decisions I have ever made in the 10 years I have run my own business. For the first time ever, I am completely professionally branded - beautiful design, great website functionality, automated campaigns, and high quality video - all seamlessly integrated. My team at Delphi is incredibly responsive, creative, strategic and proactive, and work in the spirit of true collaboration. In the short time we have worked together, my business has increased substantially, and traffic to my website and social media following has also increased. I have recommended Delphi to every one of my colleagues looking to uplevel their branding and digital presence - and will continue to do so.

Alan Samuel Cohen

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