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let's start at the very beginning

An intrepid pair of independent filmmakers wanted to demolish the biased and ancient film distribution model. They had created a film, BITE ME — a romantic comedy featuring a real-life vampire and the IRS agent who loved her — and intended to take it on the road, in an RV, directly to audiences and independent cinemas across the country. To do this, they required a holistic marketing campaign to promote the film and support their disruptive distribution strategy — as well as a way to document the tour process in a web series format.

Our strategy reflected a budget-conscious, targeted approach aimed at driving online film sales, selling tickets to tour screenings, and building a devoted audience to both the film and the filmmakers. In addition our Head of Video Production was tapped to join the tour, filming and editing a documentary web series that would be released weekly on YouTube.

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All's well that ends well

Although the timeline was short and the budget barebones, once the 6-month marketing campaign (and 3-month tour) had come to an end we were able to generate:

Total Impressions

7.6 Million

Total number of times someone saw our content (Paid + Organic), across all platforms

Total Reach

3.1 Million

Total number of individual people reached (Paid + Organic), across all platforms

Total YouTube Views


The number of times that a video was viewed on Bite Me’s YouTube Channel

There is absolutely no reason on earth why anyone should ever hire a digital marketing company other than Delphi. That may sound like hyperbole, but it is actually true. From our first meeting with Delphi, we were blown away by their enthusiasm, creativity, and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. Their team went above and beyond every step of the way - from helping us hone our target audience to get the maximum impact from our ad spend to creating excellent content to integrate with our campaign across social media platforms. Their exquisite attention to detail elevated what could have been just another indie film campaign to a movement that organically reached millions of people across the country.

Naomi McDougall Jones, Writer/Star & Sarah Wharton, Producer of Bite Me

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