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Author, speaker, and personal growth coach Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke was poised to soar to new heights — and was looking for a design agency that could support her before, during, and after takeoff. A fresh online presence was necessary to get where Dr. Peg wanted to go, and that required a revamp of her existing website, marketing collateral, brand visuals, and more — all while ensuring a focus on the spirituality woven into her brand and being.

For the overall design we sought to highlight Peggy’s connection to nature, as well as the spirituality that defines and informs her practices. Bright, life-giving, and colorful design elements were combined with an intelligent and intuitive user experience to create a website that truly captured Dr. Peg’s uplifting spirit. From there, we were able to translate our web work into other select pieces of content and collateral.

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all's well that ends well

With her new design identity and brand presence in tow Dr. Peg has continued to soar, writing books, hosting podcasts, and securing speaking and consulting engagements from Colorado to California and beyond.

The team at Delphi was great to work with. They were energetic, creative, and knowledgeable. They helped me to clarify my brand and created customized elements that capture the essence of who I am and what I want to share with my audience.

Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke

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