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Taking your brand to the next level is difficult in any market, but in New York City it can be a uniquely ambitious undertaking. Having already built a thriving leadership and business coaching practice with a loyal clientele, Ivy Slater had her eye on establishing herself as a national speaker, thought leader, and best-selling author. To accomplish this she needed a cohesive, modern brand, an eye-catching digital presence, and compelling marketing collateral.

Working with Ivy and her team, we identified the major components of her brand that needed to be revamped in order for her to aggressively pursue her goals. Our Head of Design sparked the process with a striking and elegant cover design for her second book, inspiring the entire direction of Ivy’s new visual identity.


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In the year following her re-launch, Ivy leveraged her cohesive, refreshed brand and eye-catching marketing collateral to book numerous speaking engagements, become an Amazon Best Seller, and secure her very first TV appearances.

I have had a wonderful relationship with Delphi in designing our new website and collateral material as well as the cover for my latest book. Before I ran Slater Success, I owned and operated a printing company for over 20 years and worked with many graphic designers and marketing departments. What impressed me with Delphi was their ability to hit a design concept on the first try. This is unheard of! This is accomplished by them because they truly listen to the client, ask great questions about who they are, their vision and stay the course in the evolution of a brand. Their team is attentive and responsive, I am never chasing them for the next component or piece we are working on—they are often checking in on me. I strongly recommend Delphi based on their design as well as how well they manage their own business and put their clients first.

Ivy Slater

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